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(sounds interesting)

Erik Stainsby a écrit:

>On January 24, 2003 04:41 am, paul POULAIN wrote:
>>>       3. The ability to add items without a barcode. so that barcodes
>>>       don't have to be set aside for books that have not yet arrived.
>>>       (This may already exist but I'm not aware of it.  This would be
>>>       of greater importance if acquisitions was in xhtml and there was
>>>       a chance that someone would add a book from their cell phone.
>>>       But others might find it useful.
>>strange thing indeed. Does someone else have something like this ?
>>Don't you misunderstood what means : "patrons should be able to find
>>biblios without items in the opac, to see that the book will arrive soon
>>", as i think it's what you ask for ?
>My library (on Dynix) for many years, uses a negative-number barcode for items 
>ordered, not received. Patrons are able to place holds, and further staff 
>know not to place redundant orders (we have 800+ staff members) ...
>Very much prefereable not to have to "fake" the barcode but to just have 
>records with blanks.  "Fake" barcodes also have to follow check digit logic, 
>etc.  There are a finite number of such - and our collections are approaching 
>1,000,000 items, with  +/- 2M calatogue entries.

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