[Koha] :-( and conclusion with cataloguing and acquisition thread

paul POULAIN paul.poulain at free.fr
Sat Jan 25 01:41:18 NZDT 2003

Micheas Herman a écrit:

>As someone using koha for a smallish(~30,000 volume) more or less
>private library I would like to belatedly add three extra low priority
>wish list feature requests that I haven't seen discussed:
low priority wishes, maybe, but that's the kind of idea the managers 
team always take care of !

>        1. A way to use koha to order from book sellers that we have a
>        standing relationship with ( Amazon.com or Powells.com for
>        example )
do you mean "electronic orders" here ?
if yes, that's something we already spoke about some months ago. Not 
planned at all, anyway.
If funded by a bookseller, could be quickly added :-)

>        2. the opac in xhtml so that someone contemplating an
>        acquisition at a book store could see if the book is already in
>        the library via internet enabled phone.  Having the acquisition
>        in xhtml would not help me, because there is no way the book
>        will get entered in the catalog until it arrives in the
>        library.  This is probably not something that larger libraries
>        care about, but would be nice for personal libraries. 
The 2.0 will include a full-templated koha. This means it will be 
possible (and not too hard) to add as many themes as needed. Thus, 
anybody could develop a xhtml theme, or even a full-xml theme, or 
anything else.
This is with templates too that we can translate koha in any language

>        3. The ability to add items without a barcode. so that barcodes
>        don't have to be set aside for books that have not yet arrived.
>        (This may already exist but I'm not aware of it.  This would be
>        of greater importance if acquisitions was in xhtml and there was
>        a chance that someone would add a book from their cell phone. 
>        But others might find it useful.
strange thing indeed. Does someone else have something like this ?
Don't you misunderstood what means : "patrons should be able to find 
biblios without items in the opac, to see that the book will arrive soon 
", as i think it's what you ask for ?

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