[Koha] Re: MARC support

Pat Eyler pate at eylerfamily.org
Thu Jan 16 06:27:32 NZDT 2003

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Joshua Brindle wrote:

> What is the timeline for the authentication stuff?
> I've gone through some of the authentication stuff and it seems deeply
> embedded (ie: not modular)
> to do this right the authentication should be completely abstracted
> from the app and allow a simple drop in authentication replacement. If
> this were the case i'd happilly write the ldap stuff. Are there plans to
> modularize all this stuff? Thanks....

Yes, the plan is that once 2.0 is out and fairly stable, our next big task
will be to refactor/rewrite koha into a more modular form which will be
2.1/2.2.  Ideally, between now and 2.0.X, we'll continue to hone Koha,
improves docs, and build a solid suite of tests.  Then, we'll start
working on Koha 2.1.0 using the infrastructure we've built up.


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> Joshua Brindle
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> >>> paul POULAIN <paul.poulain at free.fr> 01/15/03 03:27AM >>>
> Joshua Brindle a =E9crit:
> Wow!, that would be the perfect thing to be in the installation docs
> :\
> In fact, it's the perfect thing to test during the installation
> process. I'll fix this for 1.9.0
> seriously, i didn't even think to check CPAN for the module, i assumed
> it was part of Koha.
> Thanks a lot...
> Also, do you guys think that koha can handle my library? 90000 books,
> maybe a dozen librarians and a couple thousand patrons? I'd have to make
> it authenticate to LDAP rather that mysql but that should be trivial...
> Thanks again
> Without any problems (if you don't plan to install it on a Pentium 100
> server :-) )
> About LDAP : others also ask for this.
> the management team plans to :
> * release 2.0 with authentification as it is, through mysql tables.
> * add differents auth methods in the 2.1 or 2.2 version
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