[Koha] running server over dsl adsl etc etc

Alan Millar am12 at bolis.com
Sat Jun 22 01:01:13 NZST 2002

> What experiences have users out there had running  their server over dsl/ads=
> l=20
>  qwest says I can do  this on the commercial offering of a dsl account and=20
> lease IP addresses... are there any glitches? Pitfalls? etc etc...
> Would like to hear what others may have experienced=E2=80=A6

I'm running Koha for my home library with a DSL line.  It is simply another
web application; there is no difference between Koha and any other use
of a DSL line for web serving.

QWest is giving you standard sales pitch.  You DON'T need a commercial
account or 20 IP addresses for Koha or web serving as such.  You determine those
things by what else you want to do with the DSL line.   It may (or may not) be 
that the best package happens to include those also, but they aren't needed
for Koha.

Presumably we're discussing DSL at all because you want to offer your
card catalog over the internet to others.  The main DSL issue for 
web serving and therefore Koha will be *outbound* bandwidth.  DSL,
which usually means ADSL, is not symmetrical.  You usually get much more
bandwidth incoming than outgoing.  This is great for your web surfing but
not for serving.  Make sure any DSL line specs include both directions.
For example, if they tell you it is a 256kbps line speed, that's probably
incoming, and the outgoing will likely be much smaller.  Watch for

DSL service is really made up of two halves to the equation: (1) the DSL
line itself, which is just carrying dumb packets, and (2) Internet
service over that line.  In the US, you do *not* have to get your
Internet service from the phone company that provides the DSL line
itself.  Qwest wants you to get both from them, and may even tell you
that's the only choice.  Don't believe them, and shop around for
an alternate reputable ISP before just believing Qwest's sales

Good luck!

- Alan

Alan Millar     --==> am12 at bolis.com <==--

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