[Koha] Rooted URL's

Mark Bondurant mbondr at bongo.net
Sat Mar 2 09:31:20 NZDT 2002

I'm a bit stumped as to how I'm going install this thing.  I'm not/can't 
running a name server so I can't install it as a virual host.  You folks have 
rooted all of your URL's (this means you start them all with a slash) so I 
can't install it as a virtual directory.  The best I an come up with is to 
mix it in with my root web site (yech!).  This may cause difficulties with 
index file names and may limit my ability to upgrade in the future.  

In the future, when you build a site, try to keep in mind that it may be 
installed anywhere, not necessarily in the web root.  You should use relative 

Mark Bondurant
mbondr at bongo.net


On your splash page it says:  "Horowhuenua Library Trust Catalogue and Member 
Services".  This implies that the library that the system is indexing is the 
Horowhuenua Library.  If this is truely an open source system, open to use by 
every library, then it probably ought to say something like: "Open Source 
Catalogue and Member Services System/From The Horowhenua Library Trust".

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