[Koha] suitability for high school library

Rosalie Blake rosalie at levin.library.org.nz
Fri Nov 10 09:07:48 NZDT 2000

Hello Debra
> We're just going down the track of looking at options for our
> highschool library (student population 1000), & wondering about Koha -
> & incidentally, I thing the 3M award definitely went to the right
> place.

Thank you. Sorry I didn't get to answer yesterday. I was away all 
> I've looked at the samples on the Web, but don't currently have access
> to a webserver to download the full version, and wondered if someone
> could answer these questions????
> 1. Is any other school using Koha?
Not yet.
> 2. Is there any possibility of including a student photo in the
> circulation module (students don't carry ID cards - they just give
> their name)?
The circulation module as designed for us would not allow this, as 
it is a text-only interface designed specifically for speed across a 
phone line. Any graphics interface slows this down horridly. But we 
have always recognised that the cicrulation module that fits us 
would not appeal to libraries where speed is not the main criterion, 
and that those libraries would want a circulation module within the 
main intranet. It's not a problem to design such a module, if you 
are willing to pay someone to do it, or do it yourself (supposing you 
have the skills). Katipo Communications would certainly be 
interested in quoting for the work. (rachel at katipo.co.nz)

> 3. Can multimedia be added into the catalogue - ie web addresses,
> scanned material from the information file, or scanned images of the
> books?
We saw this as being desirable somewhere down the track, but it 
isn't in the first package that we commissioned and paid for. Not a 
problem from a technical viewpoint, and we've already gone some 
of the way in getting scanned photographs from our Historical 
Society's collections viewable from our OPACs.
> 4. What sort of software would be best for data conversion, with the
> possibility of global changes for the subject/authority files?
Have to pass on this. Depends on what system you're coming from.
> 5. How easy is it to modify overdue notices (to send brief lists to
> classes, and later fuller details addressed to the parents, with
> addresses)?
Doesn't sound like a problem -  a little bit of setting up, which 
again, you could do yourself, or commission Katipo or someone 
else to do for you.
> 6. Would the membership module allow class details to be added?
Not a problem, as above.
> 7. Would reservations allow video cameras, & other items, to be booked
> for specific times?
Sorry, not willing to venture an opinion on this. Throw just this 
question at the kohalist and see if anyone else has thought of it. 
There are a number of other schools on the list, investigating the 
sorts of variances schools might need. Someone may have had a 
brainwave about how to programme it.

Rosalie Blake
Head of Libraries
Horowhenua Library Trust

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