[Kete] kete 1.2 cannot add item in

Andy Robertson andrew.robertson at natlib.govt.nz
Fri Mar 12 11:51:57 NZDT 2010

Can you try something for me.  
Login to your kete as your admin go into reconfigure site in the admin
toolbox  and select the Server option.  The second box Site name will
probably say 
Barnardos Kete
Can you change this to its real url name like 
or just concatenate it to 
 so there is no space in the name.
The first box "Pretty site name" can stay the same but the "Site name"
needs to be a domain name or perhaps something that has no spaces in its
Then do a rebuild of the index for us.  The content of "Site name" 
used in building the indexes in zebra.
Katipo lad's will the rebuild on the web gui drop and recreate the
zebra databases completely ? or do we need to do the series of rake
tasks for stop, start, initial_records etc....
Andy Robertson
Technical System Specialist
Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa

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