[Kete] regarding kete1.1 installation in ubuntu8.10

Walter McGinnis walter at katipo.co.nz
Mon Mar 9 11:05:36 NZDT 2009

Hello again Arun,

On Mar 3, 2009, at 6:52 PM, arun kumar wrote:
> and i have choosen kete account in setting up of environment .   
> please tell
> me how to proceed further
> and in the KETE-README i could  not do the steps through SVN ,it shows
> *currently
> page is not available *(404 error)

As of 1.1, we no longer use Subversion (SVN).  There isn't a specific  
mention of this in KETE-README.  Are you sure you have the right  
version of the software?

> and i am not able to download through* github* also
> *note : can you please tell me were is the kete bin  is available
> did any of you have kete1.1  user manual for installing in  
> ubuntu8.10 .

The Installation Guide at http://kete.net.nz/documentation/topics/show/114 
  is the manual.  If you could refer to the particular step where you  
are stuck by referring to the link in your response that would be  

There isn't a "kete bin" exactly.  Kete is run by a web server, such  
as Apache or Mongrel.  Again, please review the Installation Guide.


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