[Kete] regarding kete1.1 installation in ubuntu8.10

arun kumar arunjan13 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 18:52:30 NZDT 2009

dear friends ,

                  i am new to kete and trying to install kete1.1 in
ubuntu8.10 , i have installed all the below  in

*root at ubuntu-laptop:/usr/local/src# ls*
idzebra-2.0.6         ImageMagick-6.4.3  yaz-2.1.54  mod_xsendfile-0.9

and i have downloaded kete version1 from *
*app              Capfile     config  demo-data  imports
kete-scratch-2.txt  lib          log      public    README  test
bob-scratch.txt  components  db      doc        KETE-README
kete-scratch.txt    license.txt  private  Rakefile  script  tmp   vendor  .

and i have choosen kete account in setting up of environment .  please tell
me how to proceed further

and in the KETE-README i could  not do the steps through SVN ,it shows
page is not available *(404 error)

and i am not able to download through* github* also

*note : can you please tell me were is the kete bin  is available
did any of you have kete1.1  user manual for installing in ubuntu8.10 .

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