[Kete] Getting a recent snapshot of the kete code

Andy Robertson andrew.robertson at natlib.govt.nz
Thu Feb 12 13:08:50 NZDT 2009

Hi Arun,

You can download a snapshot of either the master or a set snapshot from the github.com web site.  I'd recommend you get the stable-1-1 branch to start with as the developers are still working on master.  

Each night the github site runs through and does an export of branches into a zip and a tar.gz file.

To download a snapshot of 1-1-stable go to this address in your web browser.


And click on the download button.   It should present you with a choice of a zip and a tar file.  I've found the easiest to work with is the zip file.  It will then present you with a massive file name to download. A name like  kete-kete-6c2f5c3f0c9933922ab4334.zip.  The name you'll see will be different but it will start with kete-kete.

Once you've downloaded the file which will be about 9MB as of today you can unzip it.  It will have a directory with the same name as the zip file inside it.    Rename it to something useful like ketestable11.

This ketestable11 directory is the RAILS_ROOT you need to start up your kete with.  So if you change into this directory and follow the instructions on kete.net.nz about changing database, backgroundrb, mongrel configuration and then continue on you'll have a working kete site.


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