[Koha] Department Name in Item Information

Rupinder Singh jessedhammu at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 00:17:14 NZDT 2024

We have been using Koha at our university for the last year. We get
allocated a consolidated budget at the beginning of the financial year. And
we'd like to spend that budget as per the purchase requests sent by
different departments of the university. However we haven't used the
acquisition module yet and are not planning to do so.
But of all the books we catalog in koha, I also want to save information
about the department that requested that book. So that it can be exported
via catalog report, so I can see how much of the budget we have spent on
each department. And each book item shall have this information for the
requesting department in the Items section.
Please suggest what the best approach to achieve this could be.
Is there any existing field to specify that, or is there any existing field
I can make use of to put this information?
I have also found certain subfields in 952 item information that are not in
use. Can I map a new authorized value to this newly created field?
Please, guys, Guide me.

Rupinder Singh

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