[Koha] Session time outs in latest stable version?

Evan Stewart evanstewart406 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 01:26:31 NZDT 2024


Does the latest version of Koha have a new session time our setting? One
that limits users to 90 min sessions?

Last week I ran an update on my server and saw that the latest stable
branch of Koha was available. The other updates looked like normal Debian
patches/updates. I'm using a Debian VM on AWS Lightsail.

A few days later, my main user of Koha started reporting that the server
started to crash. He was getting a generic "Internal server error".

After a few times of this, I was able to check the issue when it actually
occured, but I was able to access the application without error. I don't
see any errors messages in server logs.

The user is able to log in and work for about 90 minutes each time and then
he gets kicked out with the vague error message.

After a long wait time, or a server reboot, he can log back in.

We've been running Koha on the server for nearly a year without any issues.

-Evan Stewart
Africa's Hope
Springfield, MO

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