[Koha] How to trigger emails to patrons about dues, library holidays or other messages

Ravi Bhat ravibhat at duotech.in
Sat Feb 17 18:22:13 NZDT 2024

Hi Koha


I have newly installed Koha 23.11 version working absolutely perfect. 

I have configured overdues notice/triggers properly and Koha sends email to
patrons as per the policy.


I was just looking, how to make koha to send emails if in case patron does
not return the book even after due date or even after overdue notices?

Also how to make koha to send emails to all the patrons about general
Library information. 


Apart from the above, is there a method for complete single click Koha
backup including database, configuration, item and patron information?


Any suggestions in the regard would be great help for me. 



Ravi Bhat

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