[Koha] Hackfest registrations open !

Paul Poulain paul.poulain at biblibre.com
Tue Feb 6 05:16:45 NZDT 2024

Hello koha developers !

I'm very happy to open the registrations for the Marseille Koha hackfest.
Some information:

  * *date* : April 8th > April 12th
  * *location*: BibLibre office, 23 rue Fauchier, 13002 Marseille *[NEW
  * *what is the cost* ? 0€ (I let you calculate in your own currency ;) )
  * who can come: anyone with a laptop
      o librarian who want to contribute to Koha: test new version, test
        new features, document, translate, ...
      o developers who want to contribute to Koha: test technical
        patches, write unit tests, work on package, unit test,
        Elasticsearch, ERM module, LRMisation of Koha, or anything else ;)
  * can I come just for a part of the week ? Yes, but coming at least 3
    days seems needed
  * coffee, tea, and break : provided by BibLibre. Feel free to come
    with candies from your country
  * what about lunch ? BibLibre organize, and ask for 21€ per lunch per
    person (veggie & gluten-free option available).
  * what about the cheese lunch ? On Tuesday :D
  * *How to register* ? Drop me an email

About our new office: it's smaller than the previous one. However, I've 
found an additional location, just on the other side of the street, that 
can welcome 20 more ppl. 25+ ppl fit in BibLibre office, so we'll have 
enough space for everybody wanting to come.

Paul Poulain, Associé-gérant / co-owner
BibLibre, Services en logiciels libres pour les bibliothèques
BibLibre, Open Source software and services for libraries

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