[Koha] Unable to hide login screen on Koha OPAC

David Nind david at davidnind.com
Thu Feb 1 07:07:00 NZDT 2024

It depends on what you want to achieve:

1. If you want to disallow patrons logging in to the OPAC, then there is
the opacuserlogin system preference.

2. If you just want to hide the login form on the OPAC home page, then
using either OPACUserCSS or OPACUserJS are options. Not my area of
expertise, so can't offer any suggestions here apart from what others have
posted on your Facebook query (using OPACUSerCSS: #login { display:none; }
). Note: Patrons could still directly access the OPAC login form at

David Nind
New Zealand

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