[Koha] Item search results displaying 264 publishing info?

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Thank you Caroline! I haven't been able to find how to do this before and it's been vexing me :)

I don't need to worry about either of my installations; I'm using both the work one and the laptop one as study installations as eventually I will remove both and install a new, clean instance (I'm *still* waiting for the export from our in-house system). There's less than 10 records added, and I'm still having trouble with manual cataloging of local authors, but that's for another post; I don't want to hijack the current one.

Best regards

Aida Đikić

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Hi Aida,
Yes, you need to run this in the terminal.
What I do is open a terminal, go to my Koha environment and type
./misc/batchRebuildBiblioTables.pl -c
The -c at the end is important, otherwise it will not run. It's the "confirm" flag, meaning you did not type all that by error ;)
I also always run this at night for production installations. I don't know the consequences of running this during operation hours, so I err on the side of safety and wait until the library is closed...
On 2023-05-25 03:53, library at ssst.edu.ba wrote:
Hello Caroline,

If I may, how exactly does one run ./misc/batchRebuildBiblioTables.pl ?? I've come across this instruction before, but wasn't able to find how this is done. I assume I would need to type in a command in the terminal?

Best regards

Aida Đikić

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I forgot to add that only records created after you've added the mapping will have the info from 264$b in publishercode.

If you want Koha to go through all your records, you need to run (or ask your provider to run) ./misc/batchRebuildBiblioTables.pl . This will go through all the records and update the database entries with the correct information from the MARC record based on the Koha to MARC mappings.


On 2023-05-24 16:12, Caroline Cyr La Rose wrote:
Hi Heather!

Is 264$b mapped to publishercode in Administration > Koha to MARC

If you've been on Koha for a while, and didn't do it manually, it
might not be. In recent installs, it should be mapped out of the box




On 2023-05-24 16:00, Hernandez, Heather H wrote:

I use the Item Search (by call number) in the staff interface for
shelflisting, because it can sort Library of Congress call numbers
correctly, and I've noticed that my recently cataloged items which
have the publication information in the MARC21 264 field have a blank
"Publisher" in the search results table.  The table of search results
displays information from the 260 $b in the "Publisher" area of the
search results, but not publishers from the newer 264 $b field.  Is
there something that should be set or changed somewhere?  Or have I
maybe found a bug??

We're on version and I couldn't find anything related to
this in Bugzilla—if there is something there, could someone point me
to it?

It's rather important information since the table of search results
doesn't display anything from a 1XX field, and when I'm cataloging a
pile of nautical instrument catalogs, a lot of the titles are, e.g.,
"Catalog no...." or "Bulletin..." or "Nautical instruments..." and
the publisher in the 264 $b is the only displaying element that tells
me the name of the company issuing the catalog (which I'm using to
create the cutter portion of the call number).

Thank you!!  Cheerio!


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