[Koha] Problem Sharing Lists on Koha

Ms. Naveen Ali naveen at neduet.edu.pk
Thu May 18 20:51:04 NZST 2023

Dear All, 

I am using Koha 

I was trying to share Koha Lists created on OPAC using the "Share list" Option. 
The following URL is used: https://myServer/cgi-bin/koha/opac-shareshelf.pl?op=invite&shelfnumber=13 
And email send failure is reported in the "message_queue" table with "failure_code" as SENDMAIL 

Then I tried the using the "Send List" Option 
The following URL is used: https://eakl.neduet.edu.pk/cgi-bin/koha/opac-sendshelf.pl?shelfid=13 
And email is sent successfully. 

First of all I would like to know what are the requirements of "Share list" option so that I do not get the SENDMAIL failure. I want to use this option as it allows me to customize the "SHARE_INVITE" and "ACCEPT_INVITE" notice. 
Also I have not been able to find any information about this option in the manual https://koha-community.org/manual//22.05/en/html/lists.html#viewing-lists . The "Share List" option is not shown there. 

Secondly, if the option is no longer available, how can I customize the message being sent in the email using the "Send List" Option. 

Thank you very much for your time. 

With best regards, 

Naveen Ali 

Inst Representative for 
HEC Digital Library Resources. 
NEDUET, Karachi. 

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