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Alright, so after applying the fixes that worked on the laptop to the server, I can access the records in OPAC by clicking the link in the coverflow. I cannot get it to appear if I do a search when the search engine is set to Elasticsearch. Once I change it to Zebra, the search works. 

My MARC bibliographic framework test shows no errors in the MARC parameters table. On the other hand, I find that when I click on the authors, I get "No results found" or if I click on the loupe next to their name, I get " This authority is not used in any records." Clicking on "Link authorities automatically" brings up a note that the authorities are missing and have been created, but repeating an author search after that still brings up no results. Not sure how to correct that. 

I thought I might find some answers in the "About Koha" page, but that still brings up a 500 error. 

Best regards

Aida Đikić

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UNIMARC expects the biblionumber in 001, I think. I keep wondering if your indexing configuration might be wrong."

I'm pretty sure I chose MARC21 during the web installation, and I can see what my indexing configuration looks like though I wouldn't be able to tell if there's something wrong with it. I'd appreciate any advice on correcting it as i tis. 

Now that I'm back at work, I can go through the same process I did with the old laptop instance and see if I can replicate the solution. Any corrections to the indexing configuration I would do to the work server instance. 

Best regards

Aida Đikić

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you should not *need* to have 001 set to biblionumber in a MARC21 installation to make things searchable, although it doesn't hurt if you want to link records, which is one reason why you can do it. But:
UNIMARC expects the biblionumber in 001, I think. I keep wondering if your indexing configuration might be wrong.

If you don't search for keyword, but select title or author as search option - do you find what you are looking for?

Checking the koha-conf.xml for the URLs to indexing configuration would help to show if I am right or wrong.

Hope this helps,


On 04.05.23 16:01, library at ssst.edu.ba wrote:
> Sucess!! I did some digging into the global settings for "controlnumber" to see if I'd missed any preferences when I reinstalled this instance, and it turned out that I needed to set the following:
> UseControlNumber to Use record control number ($w subfields) and control number (001) for linking of bibliographic records.
> under "Display", and
> autoControlNumber Control Number (001) is generated as biblionumber
> under "Record structure".
> I can now see the record by adding the appropriate biblionumber at the end of the URL, which was my workaround, but also by searching for the title, which I wanted to do.
> (But I also remember reading something about this not being a good 
> choice if you have serials and if you are planning to catalog 
> articles. I will need to leave this for some other time though, after 
> I've added this year's records - the number is low enough that I can 
> redo them in Koha - and finally received and prepared the export from 
> the old system that I will then need to import.)
> Next step is trying to find a way to have a cover show up in the coverflow plugin, because it's not getting picked up by Google. I assume I will have to dig into how to upload my own cover that can be used for all the locally published or old books that Google doesn't have.
> Best regards
> Aida Đikić
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> .... and when I create a new record, there is no 001. It doesn't exist, and I don't know how to add it from here. Why doesn't it appear for manual cataloging, and it's there when I import a record???....
> Make sure 001 is visible in the editor for the framework you are using (Administration > Catalog > MARC bibliographic framework > [the framework you are using] - for visibility, make sure Editor is ticked).
> I'm not a cataloguer, so I don't have an answer for your question, .....
> Maybe the Library of Congress info for MARC21 001 will help (or
> not...) https://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bd001.html
> David Nind
> New Zealand
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