[Koha] One biblio record not visible in staff interface or OPAC

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Fri May 5 02:01:13 NZST 2023

Sucess!! I did some digging into the global settings for "controlnumber" to see if I'd missed any preferences when I reinstalled this instance, and it turned out that I needed to set the following: 

UseControlNumber to Use record control number ($w subfields) and control number (001) for linking of bibliographic records.

under "Display", and 

autoControlNumber Control Number (001) is generated as biblionumber

under "Record structure".

I can now see the record by adding the appropriate biblionumber at the end of the URL, which was my workaround, but also by searching for the title, which I wanted to do. 

(But I also remember reading something about this not being a good choice if you have serials and if you are planning to catalog articles. I will need to leave this for some other time though, after I've added this year's records - the number is low enough that I can redo them in Koha - and finally received and prepared the export from the old system that I will then need to import.)

Next step is trying to find a way to have a cover show up in the coverflow plugin, because it's not getting picked up by Google. I assume I will have to dig into how to upload my own cover that can be used for all the locally published or old books that Google doesn't have. 

Best regards

Aida Đikić

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.... and when I create a new record, there is no 001. It doesn't exist, and I don't know how to add it from here. Why doesn't it appear for manual cataloging, and it's there when I import a record???....

Make sure 001 is visible in the editor for the framework you are using (Administration > Catalog > MARC bibliographic framework > [the framework you are using] - for visibility, make sure Editor is ticked).

I'm not a cataloguer, so I don't have an answer for your question, .....

Maybe the Library of Congress info for MARC21 001 will help (or not...) https://www.loc.gov/marc/bibliographic/bd001.html

David Nind
New Zealand

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