[Koha] One biblio record not visible in staff interface or OPAC

David Nind david at davidnind.com
Thu May 4 08:34:39 NZST 2023


How exactly do I run misc/batchRebuildBiblioTables.pl?? There's no system
> administrator who can do it for me.

This is run from the command line on the server where Koha is installed. If
you don't have access, then there is no other way to run it. (I'm assuming
you have a process to request things from your IT/area that looks after the

Here is the help for this command:

This script rebuilds the non-MARC fields from the MARC values.
You can/must use it when you change your mapping.

Example: you decide to map biblio.title to 200$a (it was previously mapped
to 610$a).
Run this script or you will have strange results in the UI!

./batchRebuildBiblioTables.pl -h (or without arguments => show this screen)
./batchRebuildBiblioTables.pl -c (c like confirm => rebuild non-MARC fields
(may take long)

David Nind
New Zealand

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