[Koha] How to limit number of copies?

Marcel de Rooy M.de.Rooy at rijksmuseum.nl
Fri Jun 30 17:59:46 NZST 2023


Please see bug 34146. That code does not use intranetuserjs.
It does use maxlength on the input as suggested by Owen.


Van: Victor Barroso Oliveira <vbovictor at gmail.com>
Verzonden: donderdag 29 juni 2023 19:02
Aan: Marcel de Rooy <M.de.Rooy at rijksmuseum.nl>
Onderwerp: Re: [Koha] How to limit number of copies?

The code inserted in "intranetuserjs" has not limited the number of copies.
I'm using version 21.05.21

Em qui., 29 de jun. de 2023 às 02:44, Marcel de Rooy <M.de.Rooy at rijksmuseum.nl<mailto:M.de.Rooy at rijksmuseum.nl>> escreveu:
Bug 34146, patches attached.
Van: Koha <koha-bounces at lists.katipo.co.nz<mailto:koha-bounces at lists.katipo.co.nz>> namens George <gwilliams at nekls.org<mailto:gwilliams at nekls.org>>
Verzonden: woensdag 28 juni 2023 16:07
Aan: koha at lists.katipo.co.nz<mailto:koha at lists.katipo.co.nz> <koha at lists.katipo.co.nz<mailto:koha at lists.katipo.co.nz>>
Onderwerp: Re: [Koha] How to limit number of copies?


I'd recommend opening a bug on Bugzilla saying that a system preference
should be added to set the maximum number of copies that can be added to
a bibliographic record when someone uses the "Add multiple copies of
this item" button on additem.pl<http://additem.pl/>.

In the meantime, if you put this jQuery in the intranetuserJS system
preference, it will set the limit to 10 copies:

//Home > Cataloging > Edit TITLE > items
   //Limit the number of copies that can be added to a biblio using the
"Add multiple copies of this item" button

And I'll add that jQuery to the jQuery library in just a few minutes.


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> Hello,
> In Koha it is possible to Add an instance or choose to "Add Multiple
> Copies" simultaneously to a record.
> So far so good. More..... I had a situation where an employee mistakenly
> typed 800,000 copies for a record.
> As a result, when Koha started its automatic Indexing routine, it consumed
> all of the server's memory and crashed system access. When I tried to
> delete the 800,000 copies in batch, the system crashed. It took slow
> deletion from 5,000 to 5,000 to reach 800,000.
> Considering the aforementioned case, would any colleague know if we can
> limit the quantity in the option "Add Multiple Copies"?
> Thanks,
> Victor

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