[Koha] MARC preview on auts vs. bibs?

Hernandez, Heather H Heather_Hernandez at nps.gov
Wed Jun 28 04:06:06 NZST 2023


We've just been upgraded to 22.11 (I LOVE IT!!!) and the MARC preview of authority records is working, but it's different from the MARC preview for bibliographic records and, well, I don't like it.  The MARC preview for auts has all the tag labels (e.g., 455 ## - SEE FROM TRACING--GENRE/FORM TERM) and I already know all that—IMO, anyone looking at the MARC preview already knows all that.  So it's not really a MARC preview—it's a repeat of the regular display in one pop-up window.  I don't like this, because I want a way to see an unlabeled MARC aut record in one screen—to be able to look at it, read it, etc., quickly.  There is currently no way to do that, and I think having the MARC preview repeat all the tag/field labels that are already present in the regular display is redundant.  I would love​ for the aut MARC preview to be exactly the same as the bib MARC preview, so there is a way for catalogers to quickly see an unlabeled MARC record that they can examine, scan, read, etc.

But am I the only one?  Should I put a bug into Bugzilla for this?  (Is there a but already there that I couldn't find?)



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