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OK, this was weird - I tried the demo, it worked as expected; then I tried my own installation, it also worked as it was supposed to! Why this time and not the others? Only Gaea knows why she turns...

Best regards

Aida Đikić

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Hi, Aida!

I used a 23.05 demo site listed at: https://koha-community.org/demo/ and was unable to replicate the problems, but I may not be doing exactly what you're doing.  Can you try with a 23.05 demo?  If you can replicate the problems in a 23.05 demo, then you've probably found a bug and can put the bug into Bugzilla (it's very easy to do!).  If you can't replicate the problems on the demo site, then I would suggest asking the Koha-US System Administration SIG-their next meeting is July 11:

Or maybe others have ideas?

And keep us posted on the list about it, please!


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