[Koha] Not Allowed On Shelf Holds

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Wed Jun 7 18:06:54 NZST 2023


which version of Koha are you using? It sounds like you might be on an
older version.

The AllowOnShelfHolds system preference has been removed and was
replaced by settings in the circulation rules. The settings allow you to
determine if one or all items must be unavailable in order to allow an
on shelf hold.

Hope this helps,


On 06.06.23 09:10, Ruqaiya Said Alfarsi wrote:
> Dear All
> The error occurs in OPAC even though the following parameters are set:
> AllowOnShelfHolds is OFF
> OpacItemHolds is OFF
> RequestOnOPAC is ON
> When a title has two items, one is checked out, the other is
> available, then Koha allows the borrower to place a hold, which is
> then stored in Koha. This should not be possible, because one of the
> two items is still available on the shelf.
> --

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