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Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Mon Jan 23 02:35:23 NZDT 2023


some other things you could check:

* finesmode system preference should be set to "Calculate and charge"
* Circulation conditions should have grace period, fine interval, fine
amount and max fine. Maybe max fine was accidentally set to 0?
* Make sure that the fines.pl cronjob is running. You should see it in
the log viewer tool if you turn on the CronLog system preference or you
could confirm server side.

Hope this helps,


On 16.01.23 04:14, Mubassir Ahsan wrote:
> Nope. I've checked the holidays too. Can you confirm which fields are
> required to generate fines. I mean, the requirements of generating fines.
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