[Koha] Item page's display status text problem in staff

陳世強 atron at sydt.com.tw
Mon Jan 16 14:53:17 NZDT 2023

Dear All,

Our Koha version is 21.05.12.
After I changed the 952$7 subfield of the items to "Not For Loan"(Chicese
mean "不外借"),
the status text of the item is displayed as "不外借 ()(不外借)" in the Chinese
but that "()" is extra and unnecessary, it should be displayed as "Not for
loan (不外借)" like the English page.
The authorised value looks like no problem,
you can view my screenshots at https://imgur.com/a/eLvAIWV
In Chinese interface, the extra "()" will appear, but it doesn't appear in
English interface,
And I also went to Koha Translation website to check, but I didn't see any
translation with the extra "()", how can I make it display as "不外借 (不外借)" ?


 Atron Chen

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