[Koha] Fines are not generating in Koha

Mubassir Ahsan mahsandu at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 18:36:34 NZDT 2023

Hello Everyone,
I'm facing a serious problem in generating fines.
1. Overdues are there, but fines are not generated.
2. I've changed and checked every setting in the system preference/fines
tab. Current Settings are:
finesCalendar:  usecalendar
finesMode: calculate & Charge
CalculateFinesOnReturn: Do
3. Cronjobs are also set up to run koha-daily and fines.pl individually.
4. I'm running koha version 22.05. Also tried with version 22.11.
5. Circulation policy is also set up to charge 5tk per day per book with a
7 days grace period.
6. Also compared the database with other koha database, everything is in
the place. But no luck.
7. Running the fines.pl manually generates following response from command
/usr/share/koha/bin/cronjobs# ./fines.pl
Number of Overdue Items:
     counted 514
    reported 514
     updated 0

Can anyone face this issue, or have a solution please.

*Best wishes.--------------------Md. Mubassir Ahsan*
Phone: +8801916303060
Email: mahsandu at gmail.com
Facebook: mmahsan <http://facebook.com/mmahsan>
Skype & Twitter: mahsandu

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