[Koha] Record import fails in 22.11

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Sun Jan 15 15:21:37 NZDT 2023

This problem is resolved, seemed to be a local networking issue.
VWML <https://vwml.org>

On Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 10:24 AM Elaine Bradtke <eb at efdss.org> wrote:

> When importing MARC records, after  selecting the file and uploading and
> setting the parameters for import, once I hit the Stage for import button,
> Koha jumps back to the page that says choose file.
> I've tried this with a large batch of authority records and a small (7
> records) batch of biblio records (both files were downloaded from Koha,
> edited in MarcEdit) and it failed both times. The biblio file at least
> works in our production site which is on 22.05.
> Elaine Bradtke
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