[Koha] Hackfest in Marseille

Paul Poulain paul.poulain at biblibre.com
Tue Jan 3 05:44:59 NZDT 2023

<TL:DR>The hackfest will take place in March, 27th - 31th, drop me an 
email if you want to join

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
After 3 years of pandemic where everything was messy, the hackfest in 
Marseille is back ! Join us for 
coding/testing/translating/documenting/dreaming about the future of your 
preferred ILS, in Marseille, 108 rue Breteuil, 13006 Marseille. We'll 
start on monday, March, 27th, and end on Friday, March, 31th.

  * *How to register ?* Just drop me an email !
  * *How much does it cost ?* Nothing. We just ask some fees for the
    lunch [special information: cheese lunch on Tuesday]
  * *What is the agenda ?* there's none, come with your ideas, your
    wish, your goodwill, and we'll do a lot of things in smaller or
    larger groups.
  * *5 days, wow, that's a lot !* yes, but as it's an "un-conference",
    you can come just for a part of the week. I suggest not less than 3
    days, but no obligation here.
  * *I'm not a developer !* That's not a problem. MANY librarians come
    to the hackfest, they meet other librarians, they talk about Koha,
    they help testing, documenting, translating... There's always a lot
    of things to do

Also note: it will be the very last hackfest in our current office, 
we'll move to another office in May (but don't worry, I plan to continue 
hackfesting in your new office)

Paul Poulain, Associé-gérant / co-owner
BibLibre, Services en logiciels libres pour les bibliothèques
BibLibre, Open Source software and services for libraries

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