[Koha] Generating fine in every renewal

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Tue Dec 19 11:18:30 NZDT 2023


could it be that you have set up a rental fee for the item type? Rental
fees are calculated for the initial checkout, but also for renewals.

If you look at the details of the fines, what are they exactly called?
(Fine accruing? renewed?)

Hope this helps,


On 14.12.23 11:39, JITHIN N wrote:
> Dear community
> We are using Koha 22.11.07. In our Koha circulation rule patron category
> have maximum 5 time renewal allowed (Renewal Count) with time period of 10
> days (Renewal period). In administration menu  *Renewal Period Base* is
> calculated based on old due date  of book and for late return every day 1
> rupee is calculated as fine. A patron have overdue of a book which is not
> returned till date with 30 days late,  his account shows accruing fine of
> 30 rupees. when the staff renew the book,  along with 30 rupees an amount
> of 20 rupees creating with a total of 50 rupees. If again renew the book it
> again generating an amount 10 rupees along with 50 rupees with total of 60.
> Since the account have already fine till the date why Koha generating  fine
> again  based on new due date of renewal. is it a bug or any configuration
> need to change?
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