[Koha] Setting up an SRU target

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Tue Dec 19 08:24:40 NZDT 2023


I couldn't test, but I thnk you might be missing schema=marcxml in your
list of additional SRU options. Maybe worth a try!

Hope this helps,


On 16.12.23 23:08, Rubeno wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm trying to set up an SRU target and can't seem to find the way.
> The SRU server is the Austrian National Library. Here's the info for
> their SRU server:
> https://obv-at-oenb.alma.exlibrisgroup.com/view/sru/43ACC_ONB?version=1.2&operation=explain
> They provide some more info here:
>    https://labs.onb.ac.at/en/datasets/catalogue/
> So I'm trying to look for a book that I know exists, because I can
> retrieve it in XML like this:
> https://obv-at-oenb.alma.exlibrisgroup.com/view/sru/43ACC_ONB?version=1.2&query=alma.title=terminaro%20and%20alma.creator=Portmann&operation=searchRetrieve
> However I don't know what to set up in the 'Additional SRU options'
> field. I've tried several combinations of
> "sru=get,sru_version=1.2,operation=searchRetrieve", but I never get
> any hit.
> As for the SRU field mapping, I'm trying this:
> title=title,isbn=isbn,author=creator,issn=issn,subject=subjects
> The manual https://software.indexdata.com/yaz/doc/zoom.html that is
> linked to in the Koha interface is complete gibberish to me.
> I have no installation of my own yet (still deciding whether Koha is
> manageable for my association), so I'm using this demo server:
>    https://intra1.orex.es/
> Can anybody help, at least describing a working setup for other SRU
> targets? Thanks!
> Rubeno
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