[Koha] Hardware requirements

Chris Brown chris at stayawake.co.uk
Wed Aug 30 03:46:52 NZST 2023

This isn't a definitive answer, but we support 6 volunteer-run libraries
here in Sheffield on a "Basic Plan" droplet from Digital Ocean with 8Gb
memory, 4 vCPUs and a 20 Gbyte disk. CPU usage sits mostly between 30% and
60% (the peaks are around 6.30am when the cron jobs run). Memory usage is
quite high (70%) and is the thing we would run out of first if we tried to
support more libraries. Disk usage is steady at 18%

Hope this helps!

Chris Brown

On Fri, Aug 25, 2023 at 8:34 AM Wagner, Alexander <alexander.wagner at desy.de>

> Hello!
> Currently, we migrate a few smaller libraries (say 50k titles, 5k patrons
> each) to Koha. At some point this will have to move from our pretty small
> dev box to a user facing production server.
> Could someone "in the know" give me some advice on the hardware
> requirements for Koha?
> Eg. CPUs, RAM, disk space... Probably even some hints like "before you add
> another 20 cores, just add a few G of RAM" would be welcome. I searched the
> wiki and the web,  but I did not find any specifics beyond "it should be
> able to run linux" and "go for 64bit". Basically, I have to specify this to
> our IT centres for them to set up a suitable virtual machine.
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