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Eric Lease Morgan emorgan at nd.edu
Fri Aug 11 01:42:20 NZST 2023

On Aug 9, 2023, at 1:39 PM, Katrin Fischer <katrin.fischer.83 at web.de> wrote:

> if you add collections to your items (952$8) the facet should already be
> configured and work automatically.
> --
> Katrin

Again, thank you.

Yep, after reading, re-reading, and reading the documentation again, I learned I can implement item and collection facets in the following way:

  1. use the authorized values function to define one or more CCODEs
  2. add one or more 952 fields in my MARC and insert a CCODE to $8, as above
  3. use bulk-import to... import and index the data

Very nifty, and to date I have implemented five different collections and two different types. See:


The addition of facets make filtering initial search results fun and easy. Again, koha++  Thank you.

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