[Koha] 2023 koha-US Conference Registration open through August

Thu Aug 3 05:24:37 NZST 2023

Registration for this year's conference in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is still open!

We want to see you there.  Be sure to register!  And, even though we offer an online option, you should really consider coming to New Hampshire in person.

Why should you come in person???  There are several benefits to attending in person over attending online:

Networking - build strong relationships with your peers through face-to-face interactions which can result in long-lasting, supportive professional connections.
New perspectives - getting out of the office, changing your environment, and going on a mission to seek support and education will help you come back to the workplace rejuvenated.
Brainstorming - in person events inspire people to think creatively, share ideas, engage in problem solving, and push their own boundaries.
Risk taking - invest in yourself, step outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself in a new environment, put yourself out there and get noticed, meet new people who can open doors to success.
Engagement - attending a conference in person increases engagement and participation by encouraging you to be fully present. In person attendees benefit from eye-to-eye contact, non-verbal cues and body language that leads to a more fluid and dynamic exchange of ideas and collaboration.
Fun - incredible, new places to eat with new and old friends and colleagues, local culture, new experiences, and taking part in the cultural day activity are just a few of the reasons to visit Portsmith, New Hampshire.

Register for the conference here - https://koha-us.org/events/conferences/2023-koha-us-annual-conference-portsmouth-nh/

If you have already registered to attend online, consider coming in person.  Just let us know at conferences at koha-us.or<mailto:conferences at koha-us.or>g, and we'll update your registration.  We would love to see you there!
Christopher Brannon
2023 koha-US President

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