[Koha] [Elasticsearch] Search doesn't escape trailing full stop

Aleisha Amohia aleisha at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Sep 14 16:23:35 NZST 2022

Hi everyone

We have a record that can't seem to link to an authority record, I think 
this is because it has a trailing full stop - for example, John Smith Jr.

When we strip out the trailing full stop (i.e. John Smith Jr), the 
search is successful. We get zero results if we keep it.

There is an easy workaround to strip the trailing full stop when we 
search, however I'm sure there's a configurable way to avoid this.

The default Elasticsearch index configuration that comes with Koha is: 

I wonder the 'keyword' tokenizer is what causes this problem? Perhaps we 
could change it to 'standard' which removes most punctuation - I'd like 
to try but would love to know if this would solve my problem without 
rebuilding all my indexes!

Any thoughts?

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