[Koha] Transportation between Kansas City Airport and Lawrence, Kansas

George gwilliams at nekls.org
Thu Sep 8 03:06:38 NZST 2022

On behalf of the koha-US Conference Committee:

For those of you flying to Lawrence to attend KohaCon22, if you would 
like a ride from the Kansas City Airport to Lawrence when you arrive or 
from Lawrence back to the Kansas City Airport when you're ready to 
leave, Northeast Kansas Library System is trying to arrange rides.  We 
have many library staff living in the area and our hope is that we will 
have volunteers who can shuttle people from the airport to Lawrence when 
the conference begins and from Lawrence back to the airport when the 
conference ends.

If you would like us to try to arrange a ride for you, please fill out 
the form at:


We look forward to seeing everyone,

George Williams
George Williams
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