[Koha] DBMS auto increment fix not working

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Tue Sep 6 20:04:40 NZST 2022

Hi Marcel

On 30 August you wrote:

 > The fact that it will no longer happen under MariaDB 10.5.15 does not
 > guarantee that you still suffer the consequences of older occurrences.
 > The wiki promises a script but it never made it probably.
 > But the easiest 'solution' is deleting the records in the deleted_*
 > tables that have a corresponding id in the normal tables.

We have done this before and I did this again today. At the moment there 
are no biblionumbers existing in table "deletedbiblio" that also exist 
in table "biblio". Menu "About Koha > System information" does not show 
errors anymore.

 > After that verify that your autoincrement pointers on the normal
 > tables are higher than the maximum id values in the deleted tables. If
 > they would not be, you may bump into the issue again one day.

I have checked the currentauto_increment values for all tables, the 
values in the normal tables are always higher than the ones in the 
respective deleted tables:

  147200 - biblio
  146933 - deletedbiblio

  147200 - biblio_metadata
  68588 - deletedbiblio_metadata

  147200 - biblioitems
  NULL - deletedbiblioitems

  73229 - items
  NULL - deleteditems

So if I understand right with this setup when using MariaDB 10.5.15 the 
problem should no more happen.

Unfortunately I'm quite sure it will happen again anyway (as before). I 
will then write to the list again.

PS: This is the 4th trial to get this e-mail through, this time omitting 
the thread.

Best wishes: Michael
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