[Koha] Loan display

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Tue Oct 11 09:51:37 NZDT 2022


I've tried to find a matching bug for the behavior you describe, but
didn't come up with anything. As you say there is only one line in
issues, this sounds like a display problem, but I am not sure what would
cause it.

If it worked before: did anything change? Maybe an OS or DBMS update? Is
there anything in the logs?

But please keep in mind: 17.11 is almost 5 years old now and is no
longer maintained. You might want to consider updating to a more recent

Hope this helps,


On 07.10.22 21:01, Guillermo wrote:
> Hello everyone. Need help with the following... I have koha version
> 17.11.18. Once i do a loan,  it shows up 3 times in the user interface but
> it saves once in the database.  Therefore the user accumulates 3 loans when
> he/ she actually only has one
> Ing. Guillermo González
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