[Koha] Forgiving all overdue fines

Stephen Graham s.graham4 at herts.ac.uk
Tue Mar 22 05:35:29 NZDT 2022

Hi All - we stopped fining users for overdue items years ago, but still have quite a bit unpaid debt in our Koha system. We would like to write off all this debt in bulk. I'm just wondering if there's a "built in" way of doing this in Koha - I can't see anything in the staff client, but maybe there's a cmd line tool that might help?

If not I'm looking to write a script to calling the Pay method from the Koha::Account class. I don't think there's a RESTful API endpoint for this type of activity yet?

Cheers, Stephen

Stephen Graham
Library Technology Consultant
Library and Computing Services

University of Hertfordshire
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