[Koha] The Terrific Every Other Thursday Training Videos - Season 2 / Episode 12: jQuery: Remove the Trailing Slash from Titles

Fri Mar 18 04:49:40 NZDT 2022

We're so CRAZY but we're not slashing prices! No! We ARE slashing the slashes in the titles! That's right! You too can slash the slash! Simply watch this video and apply our jQuery, and you and your patrons can enjoy endless results in staff AND OPAC searches without all those pesky trailing slashes! (Only applies if you modify the XSLT to remove authors and contributors from the title line and may not be valid in all 50 states (just kidding). Side effects may include spontaneous jumping for joy after endless ranting about slashes being part of the MARC standard for titles, and may alleviate strange looks from co-workers as you recount your annoyance at the existence of characters mixed in with your data which would otherwise be pristine.)


Christopher Brannon

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