[Koha] How to copy patron permissions?

Michael Kuhn mik at adminkuhn.ch
Wed Apr 27 22:31:49 NZST 2022


Thanks to all who answered my e-mail concerning patron permissions! 
Raymund Delahunty, Owen Leonard, David Nind, Joel Coehoorn, Michael 
Sutherland and Katrin Fischer!

I have saved all the information you gave me for other uses cases. But 
in our current library we are hesitating to use non-Koha-standard 
methods like external Javascript or plugins. Since we don't need to copy 
patron permissions very often we will wait until Koha implements a 
proper way to copy patron permissions, e. g. according to 

For the cases when we actually need to copy patron permissions, for us 
the following way seems to be the easiest (instead of manual "box 
ticking") :

1. Find the cardnumber (here: 25) of a patron which has the desired 
patron permissions, then search for the patron permissions of this patron:

SELECT flags FROM borrowers WHERE cardnumber=25;

2. The result will show the number associated with the staff member’s 
permissions, for example:

| flags |
| 16900 |

3. Then update the field "flags" of another patron (here with cardnumber 
26) which should receive the same patron permissions:

UPDATE borrowers SET flags=16900 WHERE cardnumber=26;

I have tested this successfully on my demo installation.

Best wishes: Michael
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