[Koha] Public list RSS works, but Private list doesn't?

Bales (US), Tasha R tasha.r.bales at boeing.com
Tue Apr 26 04:50:15 NZST 2022

Good morning,

I'm writing about RSS for private "My Lists" in the patron OPAC account.

In my system, which is Koha 20.11, I've noticed that I can subscribe to RSS for Public lists, and I get immediate results in my email (I'm subscribing via Microsoft Outlook).  However, subscribing to Private lists that I've created in my account do not ever deliver results to my email.

The XML file looks fine and in fact, and it appears that the same OPAC template and script are used to generate both the Public and Private list's RSS.  Instead, it looks like there is something about the fact that one list is Public and one is Private that is preventing my feed reader from getting results.  Could this be?  Or maybe it is just my system?

Thanks for any tips you might have.

Tasha Bales

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