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Ms. Naveen Ali naveen at neduet.edu.pk
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Dear Vikram & Michael, 

I tried out this option. 

    1. Independent Branches does restrict staff and items to library, but also restricts patrons. My patrons can share and access all libraries. Is there a way to overcome this. I tried library groups but independent branch supersedes. 
    2. If I don't use Independent Branch, Is there a permission to restrict the Set Library Option? 

With thanks and best regards, 

Naveen Ali 

Inst Representative for 
HEC Digital Library Resources. 
NEDUET, Karachi. 

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It may be a bit drastic, but if this is the only library on this Koha system you could try turning each section into a branch and turning on independent branches. 
Separate branches would allow for different rules without drastically increasing the number of item types, and staff would be at a certain branch. Turning on independent branches would effectively restrict them to their section. You could even hold the independent branches setting for a bit to see if it works to have each section as a separate branch. 

On Tue, Apr 19, 2022 at 11:15 PM Ms. Naveen Ali < naveen at neduet.edu.pk > wrote: 

Dear members, 

I would like to put forward the following scenario. 

Our library has three sections where books are loaned and they each have different policies. All library members have access to all sections. 

I would like to implement the library policy where 

    1. staff of one section can issue books of that section only 
    2. books should also be returned to the same section. 
There is no general rule; just specific rules for each section. 

This is what I am doing. 

I have provided Permanent Library of all book items as the main library name and the Current Library as the section library. 

I am trying to use the following global parameters to implement our library policies, but am not successful. 

    * AllowReturnToBranch 
Allow items to be checked in "Only at the item the library is from" (I understand this to be the current library) 

    * AutomaticItemReturn 
Don't automatically transfer items to their home library when they are checked in. (I understand the home library to be the permanent library) 

    * CircControl Use the calendar and circulation rules of "the library the item is from" (I understand this to be the current library) 

    * HomeOrHoldingBranch 
Use the checkout and fines rules of " the items holding library" (I understand holding library = current library and home library = permanent library) 

*It seems that CircControl and HomeOrHoldingBranch paramter are same. 

I also can't find how to restrict a library staff member from Setting his library to any that he wants by using the "Set Library" Option available. 
Also how to prevent staff from issuing books belonging to other libraries. 

With best regards, 

Naveen Ali 

Inst Representative for 
HEC Digital Library Resources. 
NEDUET, Karachi. 

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