[Koha] Identifying -intra username and password to configure library

C.S. Hayward c.s.hayward at protonmail.com
Thu Apr 21 02:49:36 NZST 2022

I am at http://[intra hostname]/cgi-bin/koha/installer/install.pl, and am trying to identify the username and password to log in.

koha-passwd library gives one password but does not specify the username, and /etc/koha/sites/library/koha-conf.xml gives another password and a username of "kohauser". Obvious permutations based on either have not let me log in.

What username should I be entered for a library with the uninspired name "library", and how should I be obtaining the password for that username?

Br. C.S. Hayward, author and apologist, and more importantly novice at St. Demetrios Orthodox Monastery.

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