[Koha] Ubuntu vs. Debian

Tim McMahon tmcmahon at wlpl.org
Wed Apr 20 07:34:54 NZST 2022

Ubuntu has a server edition to download.  Like Ubuntu desktop, Linux 
Mint is a desktop edition.  You can run the server software on them, but 
your desktop will be using resources even when it's sitting idle.  It 
might not be enough to bother, but why have all that extra on there when 
all of the instructions for installing an maintaining Koha are for the 
command line anyway?  My opinion is yes you can run Koha on a desktop 
system like Mint, but why?  I'm sure there are people on this list who 
know much more than I do about it.  They should be able to give you 
reasons for why it matters or not.

On 4/19/22 2:04 PM, C.S. Hayward wrote:
> Big picture questions for me:
> What, beyond the immediate differences between what Debian and Ubuntu are known for, are the differences as regards getting a working Koha installation?
> Is it just that Koha made for Debian but Ubuntu is close enough that it works on Ubuntu too?
> Or does some other relationship hold as well?
> I haven’t seen discussion of Koha under Linux Mint. Is that because Mint is different enough not to be compatible, or just because Mint is not as known for servers?
> Thanks,
> Br. C.S. Hayward,https://cshayward.com.
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