[Koha] Suggestion regarding the install wiki page

C.S. Hayward c.s.hayward at protonmail.com
Wed Apr 13 01:57:20 NZST 2022

The logic in the installation wiki page at https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_on_Debian is not strictly linear; it embodies conditional logic. That it says, "If you want ABC, do such-and-such, otherwise do such-and-such". This seems to call for indentation as used in Python and (with braces) other computer languages.

That is, I suggest that the wiki should follow something like the following format:

[Instructions which you should do first in and in the specified order for any installation]

If you want to install by 'stable', 'oldstable', or 'oldoldstable' nomenclature:

    [Indented instructions to install accordingly]

Otherwise, you can install by release number:

    [Indented instructions to install by release number].

In any case, when you have finished, you will want to continue with:

[Instructions to continue after the indented instruction options have been addressed.]

This can be done more than once, and it can be nested more than one deep if your logic includes a choice within a choice.

Br. C.S. Hayward, author and apologist, and more importantly novice at St. Demetrios Orthodox Monastery

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