[Koha] Error "500" on Opac

Katrin Fischer katrin.fischer.83 at web.de
Sun Oct 17 23:47:08 NZDT 2021

Hi Bruce,

I am not sure what might be going on there, but maybe some things to check:

- What does the link on the result list look like? Does it correctly
contain the biblionumber in the link?
- When you look at the same record in your staff interface and use the
display in OPAC link: Is the link the same and does it work correctly?
- Did you make any local changes to your XSLT files that are used for
the results display?

Hope this helps,


On 17.10.21 00:44, Bruce Yelen wrote:
> Being rather new to this list, I will apologize in advance if I'm
> mis-framing this question.
> After upgrading from Koha 20.05 to 21.05, I started receiving an HTTP 500
> error when an OPAC user clicks on a specific title in the list returned by a
> catalog search.  This does not occur when doing a catalog search on the
> staff pages.  I have looked through the various Koha logs, but cannot find
> any errors pointing to a script, or anything.  Any ideas and suggestions of
> where to look for the cause and resolution of this would be helpful.
> Many Thanks!
> Bruce Yelen
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