[Koha] How can I insert the item information on the spine label?

Caroline Cyr-La-Rose caroline.cyr-la-rose at inlibro.com
Tue Nov 30 03:29:19 NZDT 2021

Hi Victor,

- In Tools > Label creator > Manage > Layouts

- Choose the layout in which you want to add the copy number

- In the section Bibliographic data to print, choose List fields

- A new text input will appear, where you can add copynumber (e.g. 
itemcallnumber, enumchron, copynumber)

You have to make sure that 952$t is mapped to items.copynumber. It 
should be by default, but it doesn't hurt to check.

- In Administration > Koha to MARC mapping

- Search for copynumber

- Make sure items.copynumber is mapped to 952$t

- If not, click Add

- In the text box, enter "952,t" (without the quotation marks, just 
952,t); the comma is important

Changes in Koha to MARC mapping are applied to new records and items 
only. If you want to print labels for future items, you don't need to do 
anything further. But if you changed Koha to MARC mapping and need to 
print labels for existing items, you will need to run 

I hope this helps,


On 2021-11-27 08 h 54, Victor Barroso Oliveira wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to insert the copy number information on the spine label,
> however when I have to customize the layout with the 952t field I cannot
> generate the label with the copy number information.
> How can I insert the item information on the spine label?
> Thanks,
> Victor
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