[Koha] Update jquery

Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Wed Jun 2 23:42:56 NZST 2021

> How to update jquery version in koha 18.04?

The jQuery version in 18.05 is 2.2.3, and I see that it does have some
reported vulnerabilities: https://snyk.io/test/npm/jquery/2.2.3. I'm
assuming this is your motivation for updating it?

I have no idea what might break if you drop in jQuery 3.6.0 (currently
the latest version) in place of the version in 18.05. At the very
least you must also replace the jquery-migrate plugin with the latest
version as well. There is information about upgrading on their web
site: https://blog.jquery.com/2021/03/02/jquery-3-6-0-released/ You'll
have to either rename the new files to match the old ones or update
the templates that refer to those file names.

Then you'll have to see if anything breaks! As you know, 18.05 is no
longer supported, so upgrading Koha is recommended. We haven't updated
jQuery, but we have worked to replace some of the older jQuery plugins
which are more likely to break with a jQuery upgrade. I recommend
proceeding with caution, and only if you're concerned about security

 -- Owen

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Athens County Public Libraries
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