[Koha] Upgraded from Ubuntu 18 LTS to 20 LTS

John Sterbenz jsterben at umich.edu
Sat Oct 24 05:56:03 NZDT 2020

I tried to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS just this week using

This created several problems that, since I'm in my last week of employment
and am not being replaced (immediately if at all), caused me to abandon the
OS upgrade and I restored my machine using a snapshot taken prior to the
start of the upgrade process.  We're running Koha 19.11.10....I may try to
upgrade Koha to the 20.05 release but that will be my last act on the
server and it will be left to "run as long as it will run" before something
happens to it, nobody will know how to fix it, and the entire thing will
just die.


I have noticed what Tomas points out when I upgraded my server from 16.04
to 18.04 around a year ago--external repositories are disabled and must be
re-enabled upon completion of the upgrade, but I discovered this only after
attempting to perform a routine update on Koha and wondered why I wasn't
seeing the results I was expecting under apt-cache policy.


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On Wed, Oct 14, 2020 at 7:54 AM Victor Barroso Oliveira <vbovictor at gmail.com>

> Good Morning,
> Have any of your friends ever upgraded from Ubuntu 18 LTS to 20 LTS with
> the command “do-release-upgrade –d” on an SSH terminal?
> Can this update cause problems with Koha?
> Thank you,
> Victor
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